The Data Experience Lab explores new visual tools, interactions, and experiences that allow analysts, enthusiasts, and communities to visualize, share, and live with data.
We are part of the University of Calgary's Interactions Lab.


SEVEN — Inria-Calgary Associated Team on Situated and Embedded Visualization ENvironments
EnergyVis — Accessible Open Data Visualization for the Canada Energy Regulator

The Lab

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Recent Publications

CUPUM 2021

Angela Rout, Wesley Willett. Computational Urban Planning and Urban Management 2021. (Chapter Preprint) [Link]

DIS 2021

Kendra Wannamaker, Sandeep Kollannur, Marian Dörk, Wesley Willett. ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems 2021. [Presentation] [Link]

GI 2021

Mia MacTavish, Katayoon Etemad, Faramarz Samavati, Wesley Willett. Graphics Interface 2021. [Link]

CHI 2021

Kurtis Danyluk, Barrett Ens, Bernhard Jenny, Wesley Willett. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2021. [Link]
Barrett Ens, Benjamin Bach, Maxime Cordeil, Ulrich Engelke, Marcos Serrano, Wesley Willett (+18 more). ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2021. [Link]

AVI 2020

Bon Adriel Aseniero, Charles Perin, Wesley Willett, Anthony Tang, Sheelagh Carpendale. International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces 2020. Best Paper Honorable Mention [Link]
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